Fast Five Quiz: Review Key Aspects of Peptic Ulcer Disease

Jamie Shalkow, MD


May 11, 2017

NSAID-induced gastritis or ulcers may be silent, especially in elderly patients.

Duodenal ulcer pain often awakens the patient at night. About 50%-80% of patients with duodenal ulcers experience nightly pain, as opposed to only 30%-40% of patients with gastric ulcers and 20%-40% of patients with nonulcer dyspepsia.

Patients who develop gastric outlet obstruction as a result of a chronic, untreated duodenal ulcer usually report a history of fullness and bloating associated with nausea and emesis that occurs several hours after food intake. A common misconception is that adults with gastric outlet obstruction present with nausea and emesis immediately after a meal. Only 20%-25% of patients with symptoms suggestive of peptic ulceration are found on investigation to have a peptic ulcer.

For more on the presentation of PUD, read here.


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