Fast Five Quiz: Test Yourself on Clinical Information About Insect Bites

Richard H. Sinert, DO


June 16, 2017

Undefined erythema and swelling seen may be difficult to distinguish from cellulitis. As a general rule, infection is present in a minority of cases, and antibiotic prophylaxis is not recommended.

Topical antihistamines should not be applied over large surface areas, and they should not be used concurrently with systemic H1 antihistamines. Systemic anticholinergic toxicity may result from misuse of these medications. Use of H2-blocking drugs (usually used to reduce gastric acid secretion) may be used concurrently with H1-blocking antihistamines.

Secondary infection may result from an insect bite. Symptoms of disease transmitted by insect bites may not be evident for days, weeks, or even longer.

For more on the treatment of insect bites, read here.


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