Fast Five Quiz: What Do You Know About Dental Health?

Jeff Burgess, DDS, MSD


October 16, 2017

A dentoalveolar abscess is an acute lesion characterized by localization of pus in the structures that surround the teeth. Most patients with this condition are treated easily with analgesia, antibiotics, drainage, and/or referral to a dentist or oral-maxillofacial surgeon. However, complications of simple dentoalveolar abscess are potentially serious.

Dental infections usually arise from pulpitis and associated necrotic dental pulp that initially begins on the tooth's surface as dental caries. The infection may remain localized or quickly spread through various fascial planes. Odontogenic infection may be primary or secondary to periodontal, pericoronal, traumatic, or postsurgical infections. A typical odontogenic infection originates from caries, which decalcify the protective enamel. A balance of demineralization and remineralization of the tooth structure occurs in the development of carious lesions.

How much do you know about dental abscesses and dental infections? Test yourself with our quick quiz.


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