Fast Five Quiz: Key Aspects of Endometriosis

Michel E. Rivlin, MD


October 23, 2017

Associated intrapelvic/intra-abdominal adhesions are also important determinants of the degree of pain experienced. Onset of pain usually precedes flow by a few days and begins to resolve 1-2 days into the menses. Symptoms also usually improve during pregnancy and after menopause; they can recur postpartum or with postmenopausal hormone replacement therapy.

The most important point to remember is that the degree of visible endometriosis has no correlation with the degree of pain or other symptomatic impairment because the location and depth of endometrial implants affect the symptomatology. However, pain does correlate with the depth of tissue infiltration, as pain is thought to be related to the degree of peritoneal inflammation rather than the volume of implants.

Midline disease is generally believed to be more painful than lateral disease. In addition to pain, patients present with nonspecific symptoms of fatigue, generalized malaise, and sleep disturbances.

For more on the presentation of endometriosis, read here.


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