Fast Five Quiz: Refresh Your Knowledge on Key Aspects of Infective Endocarditis

Michael Stuart Bronze, MD


December 05, 2017

Heart murmurs are heard in approximately 85% of patients. A change in the characteristics of a previously noted murmur occurs in 10% of these patients and increases the likelihood of secondary congestive heart failure.

Signs of systemic septic emboli are due to left heart disease and are more commonly associated with mitral valve vegetations. Multiple embolic pulmonary infections or infarctions are due to right heart disease.

Purulent meningitis may be observed in patients with acute infective endocarditis, compared with the aseptic type observed in patients with subacute disease. Other neurologic findings are similar to those observed in patients with subacute disease.

Splenomegaly is observed more commonly in patients with long-standing subacute disease. It may persist long after successful therapy.

For more on the physical examination and related findings in patients with infective endocarditis, read here.


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