A 22-Year-Old Football Player Who Collapsed Has Urine Changes

Faizah Siddique, MD; Herbert S. Diamond, MD


November 01, 2022

The primary treatment for rhabdomyolysis is rapid initiation of intravenous (IV) fluids within 6 hours of admission.[3,8] No consensus guidelines suggest a specific type of fluid. Experimental studies have suggested benefit when mannitol is administered after IV saline resuscitation.[3] Alkalinization of urine with sodium bicarbonate may reduce the risk for renal damage.[3]

The patient was started on IV normal saline. At the time of discharge, his creatine kinase level had decreased to 1222 IU/L. His potassium level, which was checked 2 hours after IV fluid administration, was 3.9 mEq/L. With the seemingly popular rise of strenuous exercise programs, counseling patients regarding adequate hydration to reduce the risk for exercise-induced rhabdomyolysis is important.[9]


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