Key Pediatric Clinical Practice Guidelines in 2017

John Anello; Brian Feinberg; John Heinegg; Yonah Korngold; Richard Lindsey; Cristina Wojdylo; Olivia Wong, DO


January 10, 2018

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Infant Fruit Juice Intake

American Academy of Pediatrics

Juice should not be introduced into the diet of infants before 12 mo of age unless clinically indicated.

Intake of juice should be limited to, at most, 4 oz/day in toddlers 1-3 yr of age, and 4-6 oz/day for children 4-6 yr of age.

For children 7-18 yr of age, juice intake should be limited to 8 oz or 1 cup of the recommended 2-2.5 cups of fruit servings per day.

Toddlers should not be given juice from bottles or easily transportable covered cups that allow them to consume juice easily throughout the day. Toddlers should not be given juice at bedtime.

Children should be encouraged to eat whole fruit to meet their recommended daily fruit intake.

To satisfy fluid requirements, human milk and/or infant formula is sufficient for infants, and low-fat/nonfat milk and water are sufficient for older children.

Consumption of unpasteurized juice products should be strongly discouraged in infants, children, and adolescents.

Grapefruit juice should be avoided in any child taking medication that is metabolized by CYP3A4.

In the evaluation of children with malnutrition (overnutrition and undernutrition), the pediatrician should determine the amount of juice being consumed.

In the evaluation of children with chronic diarrhea, excessive flatulence, abdominal pain, and bloating, the pediatrician should determine the amount of juice being consumed.

In the evaluation of the risk of dental caries, pediatricians should routinely discuss the relationship between fruit juice and dental decay and determine the amount and means of juice consumption.

Pediatricians should advocate for a reduction in fruit juice in the diets of young children and the elimination of fruit juice in children with abnormal (poor or excessive) weight gain.



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