Trending Clinical Topics for April 2018

Ryan Syrek


April 27, 2018

Clinical Trend of the Week (April 14-20): Bug Bites

The reason that this week's top search term increased in popularity isn't much of a mystery. 'Tis the season for things that bite! That is to say, although spring has been slow in coming to some parts of the United States, as temperatures outside begin to increase, so do the number of patients concerned with bug bites. Once the temperature gets around 50° F, mosquito activity begins. Although ticks are a concern year-round in the United States, April through September are the months when humans are most at risk. Bees may sting and not bite, but they are also just now becoming active. Warmer spring weather also brings out spiders, like the particularly dangerous brown recluse. With more and more patients asking, "What bit me?" or whether they should be worried, searches for various bug bites by the professionals who treat them are likely to stay popular.

For more information on bug bites, read here.


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