Trending Clinical Topics for May 2018

Ryan Syrek


June 01, 2018

Clinical Trend of the Week (May 19-25): Brain Hemorrhage

A new study presented at the European Stroke Organisation Conference, along with the condition of two international sports figures, combined to increase the popularity of this week's top search term. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that combination antiplatelet therapy with clopidogrel and aspirin may lower the risk for recurrent stroke during the initial 3 months after a transient ischemic attack (TIA) or minor ischemic stroke; however, the risk for major hemorrhage increased. Given the high risk for stroke in the period following a TIA or minor stroke, the small risk for major bleeding (primarily systemic hemorrhage) associated with the treatment protocol must be balanced. In news outside of the medical world, Danny Farquhar, a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, visited his teammates for the first time this week after collapsing in the dugout with a brain hemorrhage last month. His neurosurgeon has understandably not yet set a timetable for when, or if, Farquhar will return to action after an aneurysm in his brain ruptured in mid-April. Meanwhile, Sir Alex Ferguson, the legendary coach of English Premier League football team Manchester United, was recently rushed to the hospital for a brain hemorrhage. Ferguson reportedly responded well to surgery, speaking with his family for a short while and leaving intensive care. From the sports fields to the field of medicine, plenty of attention was focused on brain bleeding, resulting in this week's top search term.

For more information on brain hemorrhage, read here.


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