Trending Clinical Topics for May 2018

Ryan Syrek


June 01, 2018

Clinical Trend of the Week (May 12-18): Syncope

New guidelines for a common health event helped bring the focus to this week's top search term. Syncope, a transient and self-limited loss of consciousness, is known to affect nearly half of all people during their lifetime. New guidelines from the European Society of Cardiology aim to stratify patients with syncope for discharge, admission, or observation. The guidelines identify low-risk and high-risk features, with an emphasis on eliminating unnecessary testing and prioritizing the correct subset of patients. Patients with only low-risk features can be discharged directly from the emergency department (ED). Those with high-risk features should not be discharged and should receive an intensive diagnostic evaluation in a syncope unit or ED observation unit, or should be hospitalized. Patients with neither high-risk nor low-risk features should be observed in the ED or in a syncope unit instead of being hospitalized. These guidelines are particularly welcomed as approximately 1% of patients with syncope die within a month after a visit to the ED. Another 10% of patients experience a serious outcome. Given how many people are affected by syncope and how serious the outcomes can be, the fact that these important guidelines prompted an increase in searches for this condition is no surprise. 

For more information on syncope, read here.


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