Trending Clinical Topics for May 2018

Ryan Syrek


June 01, 2018

Clinical Trend of the Week (May 5-11): Pancreatitis

The tragic death of a young international musician and a study on risk factors specific to certain populations resulted in this week's top search term. Swedish DJ and music producer Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, died recently at the young age of 28. The performer was known to have experienced acute pancreatitis in the past. His condition was associated with excessive drinking, which was also partially the focus of a new study in Endocrine Practice . Researchers determined that pancreatitis in ethnic minorities has an association with very severe levels of triglycerides (> 2000 mg/dL) and that the risk is compounded by gallstones and alcohol abuse. Younger adults in those groups were also more likely to develop pancreatitis than older patients with similar risk factors. The hope is that the study will allow physicians to better assess the risk for pancreatitis in ethnic minority populations, with the aim of prevention. Although Avicii's death is believed to have been a suicide and was not directly attributed to pancreatitis, his passing and a new discussion of risk factors for pancreatitis resulted in this week's top search term.

For more information on acute pancreatitis, read here.


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