Fast Five Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of Severe Asthma

Zab Mosenifar, MD


May 18, 2020

Patients with comorbidities experience more frequent recurrent exacerbations of severe asthma. These include severe sinus disease, recurrent respiratory infections, sleep apnea, and gastroesophageal reflux.

In addition to being a major risk factor and disease modifier for asthma, obesity has been associated with diminished response to certain asthma medications, as well as increased severity and frequency of exacerbations.

Overall, increased rates of asthma prevalence, severity, exacerbations, hospitalizations, and mortality are seen in women more so than in men. The underlying causes of the gender differences in asthma are not known, but immunologic and hormonal factors as well as variations in gender-specific responses to environmental or occupational exposures are believed to play a role.

Fungi sensitivity (eg, Aspergillus) is associated with severe asthma development in adults.

For more on the etiology and epidemiology of severe asthma, read here.


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