Fast Five Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Common Conditions Associated With Diarrhea?

Jamie Shalkow, MD; Felipe Sarlat


August 07, 2018

General supportive care of patients with shigellosis includes:

  • Infection with Shigella is normally self-limited. The average duration of gastrointestinal symptoms of untreated shigellosis is 7 days

  • Antibiotic treatment is indicated in some patients with severe cases. Note that antibiotic-resistant Shigella species have emerged, thus obtaining susceptibility testing and monitoring local shigellosis outbreaks is crucial

  • Narcotic-related antidiarrheals should be avoided

  • High fever in children should be treated

  • Antimotility agents should be avoided, as they have the potential to worsen symptoms and may predispose to toxic dilation of the colon

  • For fluid and electrolyte supplementation, oral rehydration solutions are preferable

  • Clear liquids followed by a low-residue, lactose-free diet are recommended until symptoms of shigellosis resolve

  • Treatment should be changed in the third day of treatment if symptoms do not improve.

For more on treatment of shigellosis, read here.

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