Fast Five Quiz: Can You Recognize Kugelberg Welander Spinal Muscular Atrophy?

Stephen L. Nelson, Jr, MD, PhD


December 06, 2018

At presentation, parents of children with undiagnosed Kugelberg Welander SMA often report a decrease in the patient's athletic ability, difficulty climbing steps or getting up from a seated position on the floor (due to weakness of the hip extensor and hip abductor muscles), difficulty walking or running, and continued weakness following a short illness. Children with undiagnosed Kugelberg Welander SMA may also exhibit a mild hand or tongue tremor and have developmental delays. Confronted with the child's signs and symptoms, parents who have a family history of SMA may express concerns about SMA.

Upper extremity weakness and respiratory distress are not symptoms of undiagnosed Kugelberg Welander SMA. Typical early symptoms of SMA type III include weakness involving the hip extensor and abductor muscles, mild hand or tongue tremor, and difficulty walking or running.

There are no dermatologic manifestations such as rash associated with Kugelberg Welander SMA. Neither speech delay nor hearing loss is a symptom of Kugelberg Welander SMA.

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