Fast Five Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Amyloidosis?

Herbert S. Diamond, MD


November 02, 2018

Macroglossia due to the formation of amyloid deposits is a classic symptom of systemic amyloidosis. Macroglossia may also cause pressure against the teeth, resulting in indentations along the perimeter of the tongue.

Other classic signs and symptoms of amyloidosis include edema, hepatomegaly, mucocutaneous lesions, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Common symptoms may include hoarseness, paresthesia, weight loss, or fatigue.

As previously noted, symptoms of systemic amyloidosis are often nonspecific, which can delay the diagnosis. Documented symptoms are wide-ranging, owing to the potential for amyloid deposition throughout the body.

The image shows an example of amyloid purpura of the lips. Coagulation abnormalities associated with amyloid deposition lead to bleeding beneath the skin.

For more on signs and symptoms associated with systemic amyloidosis, read here.


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