Fast Five Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Diagnosing and Treating Metastatic Colorectal Cancer?

Elwyn C. Cabebe, MD


July 02, 2019

The ESMO Consensus Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer, which are endorsed by ASCO, recommend that patients with metastatic CRC receive RAS mutational testing, because the presence of RAS mutations is a negative predictive biomarker for response to epidermal growth factor receptor antibody therapy. The ESMO guidelines also provide recommendations for other biomarker testing, including BRAF mutational analysis.

BCR-ABL1 is a fusion gene contained in the Philadelphia chromosome. All cases of chronic myeloid leukemia are associated with positive BCR-ABL1 mutation. CA-125 is most frequently associated with ovarian cancer detection. S100 proteins are useful as biomarkers in melanoma, schwannomas, and neurofibromas.

For more information on the use of molecular biomarker testing in metastatic CRC, read here.


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