Fast Five Quiz: Intracranial Hemorrhage

Helmi L. Lutsep, MD


May 01, 2019

The spot sign on CTA represents the tiny, enhancing foci within acute hematomas associated with hematoma expansion. Wada and colleagues found the spot sign to have a high sensitivity (91%) and specificity (89%) for hematoma expansion. The spot sign is also a predictor of poor outcome in patients with ICH.

The blend sign describes the blending of a hypoattenuating and a hyperattenuating region on a CT scan in early growing intracranial hematoma.

The double density sign of berry (saccular) aneurysm describes the presence of a small intracranial aneurysm projection in front of or behind a blood vessel of similar size seen on angiography.

The open ring sign signifies demyelination on MRI imaging of the brain and is often associated with multiple sclerosis.

For more on imaging studies in intracranial hemorrhage, read here.


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