Fast Five Quiz: Schizophrenia Presentation and Diagnosis

Stephen Soreff, MD


August 09, 2019

Schizophrenia, which affects more than 21 million people worldwide, is a profound, severe and persistent brain disorder that causes significant alterations in thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and behavior. Symptoms of schizophrenia interfere with a patient's daily life; as a result, patients with this disorder experience lower rates of employment and independent living compared with the general population. Although the etiology of schizophrenia is not fully known, there is evidence of genetic and perinatal factor contributions.

Schizophrenia is a disorder that is often hard to comprehend due to its perplexing and seemingly contradictory array of symptoms and manifestations. This short quiz is designed to test your knowledge of schizophrenia and assist you in making an accurate diagnosis.


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