Fast Five Quiz: Liver Disease

B.S. Anand, MD


August 16, 2019

The AASLD/IDSA recommend the following for initial HCV testing and follow-up:

  • Initial HCV testing: HCV antibody test is recommended. If the result is positive, confirm current infection with a sensitive HCV RNA test.

  • Negative HCV antibody test but clinical suspicion of liver disease: Test for HCV RNA or perform follow-up testing for HCV antibody if HCV exposure occurred within the past 6 months; consider testing for HCV RNA in immunocompromised individuals.

  • Reinfection after previous spontaneous or treatment-related viral clearance: Obtain initial HCV RNA testing (because an HCV antibody test result is expected to be positive).

  • Before initiation of antiviral therapy: Obtain quantitative HCV RNA testing to document baseline viral load.

  • Selection of most appropriate antiviral regimen: Use HCV genotype testing for guidance.

  • Positive HCV antibody test with negative HCV RNA by PCR: Inform patients they do not have evidence of current (active) HCV infection.

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