Fast Five Quiz: Bladder Cancer Presentation and Diagnosis

Kyle A. Richards, MD


December 29, 2020

CIS of the bladder typically appears on cystoscopy as a flat carcinoma extending along the surface of the bladder.

Most patients with CIS also have coexistent papillary tumor as part of their urothelial carcinoma. Papillary tumors are visualized on cystoscopy as raised tumors with cauliflower-like stalks extending into the lumen of the bladder.

By definition, CIS does not invade through the basement membrane into the lamina propria. Such invasion into the basement membrane is considered an even more aggressive from of urothelial carcinoma and is managed accordingly.

SCC of the bladder may contain layers of squamous cells with keratinization.

Learn more about the appearance of bladder CIS.


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