Fast Five Quiz: Advanced and Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Daniel S. Schwartz, MD, MBA


May 02, 2022

Apart from PSA level, blood studies offer little useful information for men with newly diagnosed early-stage prostate cancer. However, for men with advanced disease, a blood chemistry profile that includes serum creatinine level is essential in addition to liver function tests. Acid and alkaline phosphatase levels and free-to-total PSA ratio in the hematologic workup are also helpful; however, measurements of acid and alkaline phosphatase levels rarely provide helpful information for the management of prostate cancer.

A urinalysis should be performed in the workup of a patient suspected of having advanced prostate cancer, and abnormal results (hematuria or infection) should trigger further investigations prior to planning cancer therapy.

Chest radiography is no longer routinely advised for staging prostate cancer.

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