Fast Five Quiz: Advanced and Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatment

Daniel S. Schwartz, MD, MBA


May 02, 2022

Despite multiple new drug approvals and an evolving treatment paradigm, the management of prostate cancer remains a major global healthcare challenge. In 2020, more than 375,000 deaths worldwide were attributed to prostate cancer. Most prostate cancer–related deaths are due to advanced disease, which results from any combination of lymphatic, hematogenous, or contiguous local spread. In the past decade, new therapeutics, advanced functional imaging, next-generation sequencing, and better use of existing therapies in early-stage disease have transformed the management of prostate cancer. Although metastatic prostate cancer remains incurable, effective treatment may delay progression and extend survival.

How familiar are you with the expanding treatment paradigm for advanced and metastatic prostate cancer? Refresh your knowledge with this quick quiz.


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