Fast Five Quiz: Management of Cholangiocarcinoma

N. Joseph Espat, MD, MS


February 20, 2020

Even though the rates of resection with tumor-free margins have improved with more aggressive surgical approaches and improved radiologic techniques, recurrence rates remain high (49%-64%). These recurrences usually occur within 2-3 years post-resection and are predominantly intrahepatic.

Even after curative-intent resection of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma, the probability of cure is only about 10%. Up to 45% of patients with cholangiocarcinoma that is considered resectable actually have unresectable disease upon performance of explorative laparotomy. Contraindications to surgical resection include bilateral, multifocal disease; distant metastases; and comorbidities that increase operative risk.

Learn more about treatment and management in cholangiocarcinoma.


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