Fast Five Quiz: Nasal Polyps Surgical Management and Polypectomy

Arlen D. Meyers, MD, MBA


December 09, 2020

In general, postoperative follow-up care includes inspecting and debriding sinuses 4 to 5 days after surgery to ensure proper healing; however, not all surgeons debride. For optimal outcomes, follow-up care should be individualized in accordance with the patient's clinical progress and preoperative disease severity.

Some surgeons choose to administer oral steroids before polypectomy in an effort to reduce polyp size, anatomical obstructions, and related bleeding. Postoperative medication management may include saline rinses, nasal or oral steroids, nasal or oral antihistamines, antileukotrienes, and immunotherapy. Resumption of medical treatment with nasal steroids should typically begin 10 days after surgery in an effort to ward off disease recurrence.

Although postoperative antibiotics are frequently prescribed, the efficacy of both topical and oral formulations for decreasing bacterial growth and improving outcome following functional endoscopic sinus surgery has not been proven.

Learn more about postoperative care in the management of nasal polyps.


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