Fast Five Quiz: Nasal Polyps Presentation and Diagnosis

Arlen D. Meyers, MD, MBA


December 29, 2020

How nasal polyps manifest is largely dependent on their size. Small polyps may be asymptomatic and identified only during routine examination when they are anterior to the anterior edge of the middle turbinate. Conversely, small polyps in areas where polyps typically arise (ie, the middle meatus) may produce symptoms and block the outflow tract of the sinuses, resulting in chronic or recurrent acute sinusitis symptoms.

Snoring may be a symptom of nasal polyps. Other symptoms include nasal airway obstruction, postnasal drainage, dull headaches, rhinorrhea, hyposmia, or anosmia.

Epistaxis may occur with nasal polyps. However, epistaxis that does not arise from irritation of the anterior nasal septum (ie, Kiesselbach plexus) is not usually associated with benign multiple polyps and should trigger investigations for other, more serious, nasal lesions.

Learn more about the manifestation of nasal polyps.


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