Fast Five Quiz: Severe Asthma

Zab Mosenifar, MD


March 17, 2023

According to the GINA report, a sputum eosinophil count ≥ 2% is one of several indicators that a patient who is taking high-dose ICS or daily OCS may have type 2 inflammation. The other signs of possible type 2 inflammation include:

  • Blood eosinophil count ≥ 150/μL

  • Fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) level ≥ 25 parts per billion

  • Asthma that is clinically allergen driven

  • Patients requiring maintenance OCS therapy (although biomarkers of type 2 inflammation such as blood eosinophil count, sputum eosinophil count, and FeNO level are often suppressed by OCS)

Once severe asthma is controlled, patients should be maintained on the current regimen for 3-6 months, and therapy de-escalated with supervision if stability persists.

For more on the GINA 2022 update on severe asthma, refer to Part E of the report, beginning on page 104.

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