Fast Five Quiz: Type 2 Diabetes Presentation and Diagnosis

Romesh Khardori, MD, PhD; Anne L. Peters, MD


December 20, 2022

When examining an individual with, or suspected of having, type 2 diabetes, pedal pulses should be palpated to assess for peripheral arterial disease.

Neuropathy can be ruled out by physical examination and history. However, nerve conduction studies and electromyography can document the characteristics of the neuropathy (eg, axonal, demyelinating) and its localization (eg, mononeuropathy vs radiculopathy or distal neuropathy) and, possibly, the severity and even prognosis for morbidity. Thus, numerous consensus panels recommend the inclusion of electrophysiologic testing in the evaluation of diabetic neuropathy.

Anemia due to deficiency of iron or vitamin B12 has been shown to result in spurious elevation of A1c, which limits its use in countries with a high prevalence of anemia.

Yearly screening for microalbuminuria is recommended for all patients with diabetes. Measuring the albumin-to-creatinine ratio in a spot urine sample is a simple initial screening method.

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