Fast Five Quiz: Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV -- When to Switch?

Jason F. Okulicz, MD


September 11, 2020

The question of when and whether to switch medications in an HIV regimen is one faced by every clinician treating patients with HIV. With more than 30 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medicines to treat HIV infection, treatment options have greatly expanded and improved in recent years. Treatment plans may need to be adjusted to meet a variety of issues, including inadequate viral load suppression, low CD4 counts, drug-drug interactions, side effects, cost, or adherence issues. Although the discovery of more efficacious treatment regimens and novel mechanisms of action has made HIV a chronic, manageable condition, monitoring and optimization of therapy remain mainstays of successful patient management.

Interested in testing your knowledge of antiretroviral therapy (ART) switching? Take this quick quiz


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