Fast Five Quiz: HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis: Selecting Appropriate Candidates

Jason F. Okulicz, MD


January 20, 2021

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) continues to be a major public health problem worldwide. At the end of 2019, an estimated 38 million individuals were living with HIV. Owing to gaps in HIV services, 1.7 million people were newly infected with HIV in 2019 and another 690,000 people died of HIV-related causes. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with antiretroviral medications is widely used to prevent new infections among those at risk. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that people at significant risk for HIV infection should be offered PrEP as part of comprehensive prevention. International guidelines have been issued to assist with selecting appropriate candidates for HIV PrEP. As noted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), consistent use of PrEP reduces sexual transmission risk by about 99% and from injection drug use by at least 74%.

How much do you know about selecting candidates for HIV PrEP? Test your knowledge with this quick quiz.


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