Fast Five Quiz: HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis: Selecting Appropriate Candidates

Jason F. Okulicz, MD


June 09, 2022

Individuals on PrEP should undergo repeat HIV antigen/antibody and HIV-1 RNA testing at least every 3 months. According to CDC PrEP guidelines, people who have taken oral PrEP in the past 3 months or who have received a cabotegravir injection in the past 12 months should have a negative antigen/antibody test result and an undetectable viral load test result before the absence of an HIV infection can be confirmed to continue prescribing PrEP. HIV viral load testing should also be performed if individuals present with symptoms suggestive of HIV seroconversion at any time.

In patients ≥ 50 years of age or who had an eCrCl of < 90 mL/min upon initiation of testing, monitoring eCrCl is recommended every 6 months.

Screening for syphilis and gonorrhea is recommended for all individuals on PrEP every 6 months, regardless of symptoms. Chlamydia screenings should be performed on men who have sex with men and transgender women every 6 months and on all heterosexually active people annually, even if asymptomatic.

For additional information, refer to the 2021 CDC guidelines.

Learn more about additional recommendations for selecting candidates for PrEP.

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