Trending Clinical Topic: Migraine

Ryan Syrek


March 06, 2020

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A new tool that may aid in diagnosis and a newly approved medication for prevention helped to make migraine this week's top trending clinical topic. Researchers have identified a neural marker for migraine without aura using functional MRI (fMRI). The study used a machine-learning approach and resting-state fMRI images to identify a map of functional brain connections that could distinguish patients with migraine without aura from control participants, with an accuracy of 84%-91%. Such testing is not likely to be required to diagnose migraine, but the marker may serve as objective evidence in cases where further investigation is required.

In terms of prevention, the US Food and Drug Administration recently approved eptinezumab-jjmr, the first intravenous (IV) migraine prevention medication. The approval was based on the results of two clinical studies that examined the drug's use in both episodic and chronic migraine. The recommended dose is 100 mg every 3 months, although some patients may benefit from a higher dose (300 mg), according to the drug's manufacturer. Because the medication is administered IV, it has an almost immediate effect, with some benefit seen on day 1.

Worldwide, migraine affects around 1 billion people and is considered the third most prevalent illness. Considering how disabling this condition can be, developments regarding new diagnostic and preventive strategies are quite popular, making migraine this week's top trending clinical topic.

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