Fast Five Quiz: Sickle Cell Disease Presentation and Diagnosis

Sophie M. Lanzkron, MD, MHS


August 17, 2023

The current recommendation to detect renal dysfunction is to screen for proteinuria/albuminuria annually, starting at age 10 years in people with SCD.

Creatinine and uric acid are typically hypersecreted in SCD nephropathy. Proximal tubular function is supranormal, as evidenced by an increased reabsorption of phosphorus and β-microglobulins, as well as the increased secretion of uric acid and creatinine.

To determine the need for interventions in sickle cell nephropathy, accurate estimation of renal function is essential. Unfortunately, there is no tool that provides an accurate measure of estimated glomerular filtration rate in patients with SCD.

An estimated 5%-18% of patients with SCD develop end-stage renal disease.

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