Fast Five Quiz: Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Ani Kapoor, MD


April 30, 2020

HRCT scanning is an essential component of the diagnostic pathway of IPF. HRCT scan findings are categorized into four groups: definite UIP, probable UIP, indeterminate for UIP, and alternative diagnosis. Findings most suggestive of UIP, hence IPF, are subpleural and basal predominance, and honeycombing with or without traction bronchiectasis. 

HRCT scan findings that are suggestive of alternate diagnoses include predominantly ground-glass opacities (nonspecific interstitial lung disease), cysts, lymph node enlargement (sarcoidosis), pleural plaques (consider asbestosis), dilated esophagus (consider connective tissue disorder), and distal clavicular erosions (consider rheumatoid arthritis).

Learn more about the workup for IPF.


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