Fast Five Quiz: Diabetic Nephropathy

A. Brent Alper, Jr, MD, MPH


April 24, 2020

Consideration of diabetic nephropathy is recommended in patients who have diabetes mellitus and one or more of the following: a history of diabetic retinopathy; passing of foamy urine; otherwise unexplained proteinuria; fatigue and foot edema secondary to hypoalbuminemia (if nephrotic syndrome is present); and/or other associated disorders such as peripheral vascular occlusive disease, hypertension, and coronary artery disease.

Patients with T2DM who do not have diabetic retinopathy frequently exhibit nondiabetic glomerular disease as opposed to diabetic nephropathy. Conversely, among patients with T2DM who have marked proteinuria and retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy is common.

Microvascular disease, such as retinopathy and neuropathy, is found in nearly all patients with T1DM and diabetic nephropathy. In these patients, diabetic retinopathy typically precedes the onset of overt nephropathy.

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