Beer, Aspirin Worsen Nasal Issues in a 35-Year-Old With Asthma

Thomas S. Higgins, Jr, MD, MSPH


September 15, 2022

Surgical intervention, including polypectomy and endoscopic sinus surgery, is often beneficial in reducing the nasal polyp disease burden, ventilating the paranasal sinus cavities, and allowing better access for topical therapies in patients with AERD. AERD is often associated with the need for repeat surgeries because of the aggressiveness of the inflammatory process. Therefore, continued medical treatment is important.[1]

This patient underwent endoscopic sinus surgery with a postoperative maintenance therapy of budesonide nasal steroid rinses and zileuton. He also underwent aspirin desensitization 6 weeks after surgery with a maintenance aspirin regimen of 625 mg of aspirin per day. He maintained minimal symptoms with no evidence of nasal polyposis regrowth at 3 years follow-up.


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