Fast Five Quiz: Treatment of Acne in Skin of Color

William D. James, MD


July 24, 2020

Although no single therapy has emerged as first-line treatment for AKN, intralesional triamcinolone acetonide injection can be helpful to reduce the size and firmness of papules and nodules. Doses range from 5 mg/mL up to 40 mg/mL for firmer and larger lesions. Pretreatment anesthesia with topical lidocaine cream may reduce pain during injection. Alternatively, triamcinolone may be diluted in lidocaine to provide anesthesia with injection.

Other treatments can help to address secondary infections or issues associated with AKN:

  • Topical antimicrobial cleaners/shampoos, such as gentle foaming benzoyl peroxide washes or chlorhexidine, can help prevent secondary infection.

  • Mild keratolytic agents containing alpha hydroxy acid may help soften coarse hairs.

  • The use of a topical antibiotic (such as clindamycin) twice daily may be advantageous to treat any bacterial superinfection.

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