Fast Five Quiz: Unusual Breast Cancer Presentations

Pavani Chalasani, MD, MPH; Maurie Markman, MD


March 26, 2020

The oral cavity is not a common site for metastatic breast cancer. When breast cancer does metastasize to this region, it is often to the mandible, which produces osteolytic lesions with ill-defined margins on radiography.

Patients with breast cancer metastasis to bone are more likely to have hypercalcemia rather than hypocalcemia. Deep soft-tissue swelling, periosteal reaction, cortical irregularity, and demineralization on radiography are more likely associated with osteomyelitis than with breast cancer metastasis. Primary osteosarcoma is more likely than breast cancer metastasis to present with mixed osteolytic and osteoblastic activity with periosteal elevation.

Read more about the workup for metastatic lesions to the oral cavity.


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