Fast Five Quiz: Unusual Breast Cancer Presentations

Pavani Chalasani, MD, MPH; Maurie Markman, MD


March 26, 2020

An IHC staining pattern of CK7+/CK20−/ER+/PgR+ is considered suspicious for metastatic breast cancer. Although a CK7+/CK20- IHC staining pattern occurs in a various metastatic cancers, the presence of ER and PgR positivity indicates a breast neoplasm.

Although a CK7-/CK20- IHC staining pattern can be associated with several metastatic cancers, a CK7-/CK20-/PSA+ pattern indicates the presence of prostate carcinoma metastases.

A CK7-/CK20+ IHC phenotype is associated with several gastrointestinal cancers, including those of the colon, rectum, rectal, small bowel, and appendix, but is not present in tumors originating from the breast.

CK7+/CK20- ICH staining pattern is present in various metastatic cancers; however, the presence of CK7+/CK20-/HPV+ indicates a cervical cancer that has metastasized.

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