Fast Five Quiz: Huntington Disease Signs and Symptoms

Shaheen E. Lakhan, MD, PhD, MS, MEd


May 27, 2020

Carriers of the defective gene that causes Huntington disease usually start to show symptoms of the disease in mid adult life. Subtle signs of the disease may occur earlier, however. The disease is characterized by three different symptom types: movement disorders, cognitive decline, and behavioral symptoms. Patients can present with one or all symptom types to varying degrees. During the early stages of the disease, patients are largely functional and able to continue working and living independently. As the disease progresses, patients require assistance in all aspects of daily living, are often unable to talk, and are bedridden. After symptom onset, patients generally live for 10-25 years and mortality is usually related to an intercurrent illness like pneumonia or cardiovascular disease. While no treatment has been approved to prevent onset or to slow progression, therapies are available to lessen symptoms.

How much do you know about the signs and symptoms of Huntington disease? Test your knowledge with this quick quiz.


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