Fast Five Quiz: Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea

B.S. Anand, MD


July 09, 2020

Abdominal CT scan is the imaging modality of choice for C difficile colitis when pseudomembranous colitis, complications of CDI, or other intra-abdominal disease is suspected.

In patients with sepsis due to suspected megacolon, abdominal radiography may be performed instead of CT scanning to establish the presence of megacolon in a timely manner.

Endoscopy is less sensitive for diagnosing C difficile than are stool assays. Endoscopy may demonstrate the presence of raised, yellowish white, 2- to 10-mm plaques overlying an erythematous and edematous mucosa. These plaques are termed pseudomembranes. Endoscopic findings may be normal in patients with mild disease or may demonstrate nonspecific colitis in patients with moderate disease.

Colonoscopy may pose the risk of perforation in patients with fulminant colitis. In cases where the diagnosis remains uncertain, limited proctoscopy with minimal air insufflation may be appropriate.

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