My Strangest Case: The Patient Whose Shirts Stopped Fitting

Dana Goldenberg, BA; Darrin V. Bann, MD, PhD


July 16, 2020

The patient was informed of the MRI results. Surgery was recommended based on the morphologic criteria seen. The risks and benefits of the surgery and alternatives were explained to him. The patient opted to proceed with surgical resection and was scheduled for a transcervical, possible transmandibular, and possible transoral resection of a large retropharyngeal mass, as well as a possible tracheotomy.

The tumor was accessed via a transcervical approach (Figures 4, 5) During surgery, the large tumor was removed from his retropharynx without complication (Figure 6).

Figure 4.

Figure 5

Figure 6.

Pathologic findings revealed a lipoma with a central focus of liposarcoma. His follow-up has been uneventful, and he continues to do well.

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