Fast Five Quiz: Norovirus

Michael Stuart Bronze, MD


September 22, 2020

Norovirus is responsible for approximately 1 in every 5 cases of acute gastroenteritis. Worldwide, 685 million cases are reported each year, leading to $60 billion in associated costs. Incidence often spikes when a new strain of the virus is circulating. Outbreaks have been reported in restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, resorts, cruise ships, and military ships and barracks.

Norovirus is contagious year-round, although infections are more common when temperatures are cooler. Norovirus is often called "the stomach flu," although it is not related to influenza. Some of the symptoms of norovirus infection can resemble those of COVID-19, which makes it an increasing concern this fall and winter.

Are you familiar with key aspects and recommendations for norovirus? Refresh and test your knowledge of this common condition with this quick quiz.


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