Fast Five Quiz: Rhinovirus Facts vs Fiction

Michael Stuart Bronze, MD


December 09, 2020

Rhinovirus infections are predominantly mild and self-limited; thus, treatment is generally focused on symptomatic relief and prevention of person-to-person spread and complications. The mainstays of therapy include rest, hydration, first-generation antihistamines, and nasal decongestants. In adults, evidence has shown that zinc decreases the duration of symptoms and severity.

Antibiotics are not recommended for the management of rhinovirus in children or adults. Codeine is not effective in the treatment of cough in adults with rhinovirus. Antihistamine monotherapy (sedating and nonsedating) does not improve cold symptoms in adults. However, decongestants and antihistamine/decongestant combinations may improve symptoms in adults.

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This Fast Five Quiz was excerpted and adapted from the Medscape Drugs & Diseases article Rhinovirus (RV) Infection (Common Cold).

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