Fast Five Quiz: Multiple Sclerosis Signs and Symptoms

Christopher Luzzio, MD


January 05, 2021

An eye that has been affected by optic neuritis or heat stroke may exhibit blurred vision. Uhthoff phenomenon occurs when the core body temperature rises, further impairing demyelinated nerves' ability to conduct impulses. In addition, patients with MS often experience an increase in other symptoms, like fatigue, when exposed to high temperature and humidity. Symptoms usually resolve once the patient is in a cooler, less humid environment.

Most cases of acute optic neuritis are retrobulbar, with a normal-appearing fundus. Although the disc may show mild to moderate hyperemia, severe disc edema or marked hemorrhages are not consistent with demyelinating optic neuritis. Typically, patients present with mild to moderate optic disc swelling.

Optic neuritis is characterized by subacute-onset vision loss that worsens over minutes, hours, or days, causing deficits in color and contrast sensitivity, visual field changes, as well as pain. Affected patients' visual acuity often recovers; however, they may experience residual deficits in color, contrast or light sensitivity, or stereovision.

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