Fast Five Quiz: Type 2 Inflammation in Severe Asthma

Zab Mosenifar, MD


January 20, 2021

The discovery of novel specific inhibitors of type 2 inflammation has allowed for a deeper understanding of the role of type 2 inflammation in asthma as well as the importance of other disease pathologies. Although type 2 inflammation seems to play a limited role in the mechanisms of airway smooth muscle dysfunction, its role in driving susceptibility to asthma exacerbations appears to be significant.

Compared with glucocorticoids, specific inhibitors of type 2 inflammation have a more limited range of effects on airway function and asthma control. They may be beneficial as adjunctive treatments to steroids rather than as replacement therapies.

The mechanisms underlying asthma other than type 2 inflammation remain incompletely understood. While TH2-high asthma is responsive to treatment with ICS, TH2-low asthma (classified by relatively normal levels of type 2 inflammation) does have an effective controller medication.

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