Fast Five Quiz: Noncoronary Atherosclerosis Signs and Symptoms

Yasmine S. Ali, MD


March 01, 2021

Noncoronary atherosclerosis includes a large spectrum of diseases with distinct manifestations at various arterial beds throughout the body. Although it may occur in isolated form, the condition has a common pathogenesis and therefore more frequently occurs simultaneously at multiple sites. The physical signs of noncoronary atherosclerosis reveal extracellular lipid deposition, stenosis or dilatation of large muscular arteries, or target organ ischemia or infarction. Noncoronary atherosclerosis presents differently from patient to patient: Those with mild atherosclerosis may present with clinically important symptoms, whereas those with anatomically advanced disease may be asymptomatic.

How well can you recognize the signs and symptoms of noncoronary atherosclerosis? Test your knowledge with this quick quiz.


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