Fast Five Quiz: Overactive Bladder Pharmacologic Management

Bradley Schwartz, DO


February 26, 2021

Clinical studies have demonstrated benefit from combination therapy with an anticholinergic agent plus a beta-3 adrenoceptor agonist. On the basis of data from these clinical trials, the FDA has approved mirabegron in combination with solifenacin for the treatment of OAB with symptoms of urinary incontinence, urgency, and urinary frequency.

A dose-ranging study that explored six doses of combination therapy with solifenacin plus mirabegron, five doses of monotherapy with either agent, or placebo concluded that mirabegron 25/50 mg plus solifenacin 5/10 mg improves objective and subjective efficacy outcomes compared with placebo or solifenacin 5 mg. Micturition frequency normalization was approximately twofold greater with solifenacin 10 mg plus mirabegron 25 mg and solifenacin 5 mg plus mirabegron 50 mg vs solifenacin 5 mg.

Learn more about combination therapy in the management of OAB.


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