Fast Five Quiz: Parkinson's Disease Nonmotor Symptoms

Jasvinder P. Chawla, MD, MBA


February 25, 2021

Male sex, younger age at disease onset, family history of addiction, depression or anxiety, and disinhibition or impulsive traits are considered risk factors for the development of an impulse control disorder in Parkinson's disease. Impulse control disorders may manifest as pathologic gambling, hypersexuality, binge eating, compulsive shopping, and/or excessive spending. About 20% of patients with Parkinson's disease are diagnosed with an impulse control disorder.

Similarly, punding is a compulsive disorder that has been reported in 15%-20% of patients with Parkinson's disease. Punding refers to an extreme fascination with objects and is associated with repetitive handling, manipulation, sorting, or arrangement of the items.

Learn more about common and uncommon symptoms in Parkinson's disease.


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