Fast Five Quiz: Scleroderma Systemic Sclerosis ILD Presentation and Diagnosis

Zab Mosenifar, MD


March 28, 2023

It is recommended that all patients diagnosed with SSc undergo HRCT baseline screening for ILD. HRCT also enables evaluation of the extent and pattern of fibrosis. When present, the most common imaging pattern observed on HRCT is a nonspecific interstitial pneumonia pattern (NSIP), characterized by bilateral ground-glass opacities, reticulation, and traction bronchiectasis that is most prominent in the lower lung lobes. However, a minority (10%-15%) of patients with SSc-ILD show a usual interstitial pneumonia pattern on HRCT. The mortality rates between these two disease patterns do not seem to differ significantly in patients with SSc-ILD.

In sarcoidosis, air trapping is a common feature that can be supported with imaging studies and correlates with evidence of small airways disease on PFT.

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