Fast Five Quiz: HIV Infection and Inflammation

Michael Stuart Bronze, MD; Enrico Brunetti, MD


August 10, 2023

Higher D-dimer levels in the setting of HIV infection are associated with increased all-cause mortality and non-AIDS death. In addition, PLWH have a 2- to 10- fold increased risk for venous thromboembolism. High-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) levels are elevated in PLWH compared with those who are HIV negative and are independently predictive of HIV mortality, HIV disease progression, and risk for AIDS and non-AIDS events. hsCRP is also higher in patients who are on ART than in patients who are ART-naïve. Lower transthyretin levels are associated with higher rates of HIV mortality and a negative acute phase response. Despite ART use and viral suppression, inflammatory markers in PLWH remain elevated above levels seen in people without HIV.

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